-Amazingly fun way to kill time!

-Nothing short of addictive…

-Just when you get past one nail biting level, here comes another one…I love it!


Electrobots is an amazingly fun and highly addictive puzzle game.  The factory is stacked to the roof full of broke down damaged bots and they desperately need your help and brain power to get them juiced back up for action.  Your job is to examine the power configuration required to repair every robot and stack the power cells in the appropriate configuration to fix the broken circuit and get the bots moving down the factory line and back out the door!  Each level is timed and the pressure is on!  You can shoot to beat your best time and scores against yourself or hook up in the game center and see how yous stack up against your friends and fellow players from all over.  Electrobots is currently loaded with over 40 levels of gameplay and excitement with more levels being added constantly!

Don’t hesitate! Grab Electrobots today and start powering these bots back up.  Electrobots will test your skill and try your patience, but always makes you think twice about putting it down.  Electrobots is a challenging and fun game that definitely promises to keep you busy and entertained for hours!