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4 stars on App Store

From One of the Funniest Flix in a Long Time!  The Stuff Just Does Not Get Old!  Check it out, it will keep you busy for quite a while 🙂

Absolutely Hilarious!

Virginisms is a super fun app loaded with hilariously funny quotes and sound bites from one of everybody’s favorite flix, the 40 year old virgin. This app is guaranteed to keep you and your friends entertained and laughing. Virginisms is great to break out at a party or to ease the tension unexpectedly in an awkward moment of silence. Grab Virginisms today and let the laughs begin!!


If you love 40 year old virgin you will love this app! Great quotes to play for friends!


This thing is loaded with all of my favorite quotes and comments from the movie… Sometimes I just like to fire it up and click a few of them to make me chuckle and lighten the mood!  Great app and a whole lot of fun!


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